False Power and The Hungry Sea

Diary entry: Paulie has written previously about the perils facing us in this life, and how we must always keep a watchful eye out, keep our wits, keep our heads while those around us are losing their minds, to wit, never give a young boy a gun and teach him how to use it, the power may go to his head, he may becomes drunk with thoughts of power, control, and lust in his head, he may scream at Grandma to bring that pie to him, and he wants a goddamned full glass of milk this time or there will be hell to pay, and he shoots out a window just to make his point, I have seen it my friends, and I want you to see it, I’ve known it my friends and I want you to know it, I’ve lived it and I don’t want you to live it as I have lived it, there is something better for you if you only seek it out and hear and heed Paulie’s warning, I’ve been there, I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it, I was there, and this is my story, this is my lighthouse cry that goes out across the churning sea, slow down and look around, you are heading toward rocky shoals, the jagged jaws of a reef whose hunger burns within it as the shark’s belly grumbles and writhes in agony for the first moving thing that creates a wake in the dingy oily sea water on this so very dark night so long ago; we were several miles off the coast, the wind had blown us off course, we were weak from hunger, the storm had blown our last picnic lunch overboard, yeah, we were in it my friends, a series of black weather patterns had rained down their fury upon us, taunting us with their power, like that one fat kid back in the neighborhood taunted you when he took your candy away from you, this weather was the mean fat kid who you swore you’d kill one day, but even today, he is much too strong, his wind blows out curse words from his gut, “Hey you little bastards, give me your candy, then I’ll kick your asses and throw you upon desolate beaches where the sun and surf will rot you like last year’s kelp”, yeah, we were in it my dear reader, we were in it, this much too difficult story will be related in the future, as it is becoming difficult to go on, Paulie’s courage seems to be hung up like a spiked fish on the rusty barbed coastline, shalom all…


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