What Was That Again?

Diary entry; Hey, I’m here at Joe’s Uptown Bar and Grill again, talking to Joe and watching Andy of May Berry on the TV over the bar, Andy and Barney are reminiscing about old high school days and past girl friends, Joe is telling me about the Ham Coming Festival out in Dubuque, Iowa where a pork brining prize is given out and they elect a county Pig Queen that reigns until the fall festival when the County Corn Grower’s Cooperative elects the new Corn Licker Queen who will reign until these people get some brains, anyway, Barney reminded Andy about an old high school sweetheart, Josie May Dubois, who had been the Ham Coming Queen and Andy’s girlfriend before he met Barney and they became close friends, anyway, Joe was talking while I was concentrating on the TV show and he was saying something about this Josie May Dubois winning a prize for the juiciest pair of brined hams, and that how out in Iowa they never even finish high school because the less you know in Iowa, the better, but maybe wherever you are in this part of the country, the more you know, the more it hurts, so for me, I just watch TV and talk to Joe and sort out what can be sorted, and the rest simply gets discarded, it’s easier that way, well, I hear the radio in the kitchen saying something about the city raising it’s street porking rates again, god, it just never ends, anyway, this is Paulie, ordering another martini, swearing under his breath, counting his meager blessings, wondering if this shit will ever end, and calling out a hearty shalom to the people he loves to love, to the rest of you, I wanted to say something but I forget, oh, I remember, go to hell…


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