It’s Not All Black and White

Diary entry: Hey everybody, just been sitting here talking to Joe the bartender about that old TV Western “Have Gun Will Travel”, it’s about a paid gunfighter who works for hire known as Paladin, the show is the typical black and white Freemasonic symbolism, an opposing forces type of thing, Paladin starts out in a swank San Francisco hotel wearing white clothes and white hat and he’s very calm and docile, this is the limp dick Paladin, Paladin just sips brandy and sweet talks with other boarders, then he gets a wire that offers him money from some one who is in a jam because of bad people, that’s when Paladin begins twitching and changes into black clothes and black hat, he now becomes the hard angry dick Paladin, morphing from smooth slick dick to rough dry dick, white hat: calm and docile limp dick, only looking to snuggle, black hat: angry hard dick out to tangle to the death, limp dick Paladin starts out in a soft, warm, and cushy environment, then he changes into hard dick Paladin out in the hard, cold, uncomfortable wild country, white hatted soft dick Paladin sits on a soft velveteen cushion in the hotel sipping brandy delicately from fine crystal ware then black hatted hard dick Paladin finds himself sitting on a hard rock in unfriendly Indian territory chugging water from a dirty canteen that was filled from a mud hole, it’s all about the balance between opposing forces, Yin and Yang, Christ and Antichrist, light and dark, good and evil, soft and hard dick, the head of a frightened titmouse and the head of a screaming eagle, anyway, that seems to be the consensus here at Joe’s Uptown Bar and Grill tonight, soft dick Paladin gets an offer of money and he turns into hard dick Paladin and hops up on the horse instantly, the gist of the thing is the juxtaposition between warm putty dick white hat Paladin and cold iron dick black hat Paladin, as stated, the TV show is all about the balance between opposing forces, black and white, soft and hard, calm and angry, and tamed down and wild like a tiger let loose from the cage, after hard dick Paladin thrashes his prey, spewing out his pent up bile, he reverts back to soft dick Paladin and he only wishes to snuggle once more, well, there is much more to discuss but Joe’s bringing Happy Hour drinks and popcorn, a well balanced repast that we will indulge in as long as we stay balanced on our stools, well, we’ll continue this thing later; as Paulie looks at his scales, he sees they are way out of balance, his heavy love for his people outweighs his love for this world, shalom everybody, and to the rest of the world, please allow Paulie to say once more, go to hell…


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