What Was That Old Saying?

Diary entry: Hey everybody, Paulie here with words he remembers from his dear Grandmother, “Don’t shrink your responsibilities”, I heard it often, if you shrink your responsibilities, deflation of your credibility can result, and credibility, once deflated, can be difficult to reacquire, a shrunken credibility score can make it difficult to get a loan; there was one other phrase I heard often as a young child but I don’t remember it, it was something about scrimp, maybe it was “Don’t eat a bad scrimp”, I’m not sure what a “scrimp” is, it may be a baby scampi, but the thing is, if we listen closely to the words of our elders today, we will be better off tomorrow, this in no way implies that you should listen to “elder” Paulie, as he tends to wander from the path of good sense and reason during happy hour, well, Joe the bartender says its time for me to go, so please allow me to say that I never scrimp on my love for those whom I love, I continue to send you my deepest wishes for peace, prosperity in all things, and shalom, to the rest of you, I send you the usual wish, go to hell…


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