A Little Warning From Paulie

Diary entry: Stop playing the game of “Levels” people, the “Levels Game” is not your game, you are on the bottom and you are not going anywhere, except in your mind, you are the dregs of the world’s wine barrel, if you don’t accept who you are, you may be poured down the winery’s floor drain, take it from Paulie, he has seen the other side, the side your feet will never touch, your wish is to be the sparkly bubbly foam at the top of the Champagne glass but you will never be more than back flushed corn chip residue at the bottom of a warm beer stein, accept what you are, live your slave life, you are not the captain of the ship, your place is in the dark hold below, your master will not accept your advice on how to steer his ship, quit acting like your farts are a perfumed gift to the world, you ain’t shit, this has been a heads up warning from Paulie, Paulie says to his loved ones, stay on the path if you are on it, if you have stumbled off into the brush, get back up and return to the path you know and love and need, love and shalom to those who continually stumble, you are my brothers and sisters, again, Paulie says love and shalom…


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