Lost Souls Need Love

Diary entry: There’s this old TV Western called “Branded”, it’s about a young cavalry officer who gets branded and drummed out of the army for trading with the Indians, he wasn’t trading firewater or blankets or anything, he was trading kisses with a pretty Indian maiden, he was accused and found guilty of kissing her down by the outlet of the Muddy River at Muddy Gulch in the pass country, but that wasn’t really the case, he was not guilty of the charges that got him branded, he was only half guilty, he had been kissing the Indian maiden more up towards the mountain country, close to where the Twin Peaks rise out of the northern plateau region, Paulie feels sorry for the branded guy because young Paulie got branded and drummed out of his cub scout pack by our den mother Mrs. Fleck because there were boogers on her tablecloth where Paulie had been seated, young Paulie was innocent of the charges but branded and drummed out anyway, well, the military didn’t tolerate any hanky panky between their soldiers and the Indians, so the branded guy was left to wander aimlessly, always looking over his shoulder because his ex buddies wanted blood, now what happened to the pretty Indian maiden you may ask, well, the Indians didn’t take too kindly to the idea of one of their squaws cavorting with the enemy, so they branded her for kissing the soldier down by Muddy River Gulch near the Windy Hollow region, but she was only half guilty also, she was, in fact, kissing the soldier more up towards Big Timber, past the two large stones at Lookout Point, but anyway, the young Indian maiden was branded and tom tom’ed out of her tribe, she was left to wander the West just as the soldier was, two young people discarded by their respective nations, their only crime was to try to come together as something other than enemies, they tried and they failed, and the consequences were everlasting, just like young Paulie and his cute little Russian girl from days long past, our only desire was to thaw a very cold world for one moment in time, cold passion between cold enemies does not work, little Paulie, young and innocent , was doomed to wander the West, and I suspect Paulie’s little Russian girl was doomed to wander the East, it’s funny how our lives today so closely resemble the lives of people who lived long ago; I guess the world doesn’t change the way we’ve been taught it does; yesterday, two lost souls wandering the West, not knowing the fate of the other, and today, two lost souls, one in the West, one in the East, not knowing the other’s fate, maybe people have been loving the wrong people since time began, I don’t know, but Paulie empathizes with lost souls everywhere, Paulie suspects there may be many lost souls out there wandering this earth from east to west, my heart goes out to you all, I’ve been there, I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it, shalom my little lost soul comrades, shalom…


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