The Gas Pedal Is Yours

Diary entry: Hey, Paulie here again, with a brief word, if you are in the world’s race, speeding around that oval track chasing some grand prize illusion, take heed you don’t get dizzy, too many laps around the track can skew any good sense you might have had, also, there is such a thing as inertia, inertia is a grabbing force that can keep you within the orbit you’ve chosen, don’t choose your path too determinedly, as you may choose something bad you can’t get out of, your magnetic field can be sucked into an electrical circuit that has faults, and if your grand power short circuits, breakers will trip, fuses will blow, smoke and fire will surely be the result, this is Paulie’s little warning to you fast drivers out there, the track is about to become slippery from rain, debris, and leaked oil, pull into the pits while you still can, the race is about to end in a thing you don’t want to be part of, well, this is Paulie, out here in the garage, changing the oil and filter, out of the world’s circular circus for good, saying to all his loved ones who have traded in their fast racing cars for sleek sedans with a raccoon tail on the antenna, slow tunes on the radio, and grain silos and barns dancing by the rear view mirror like Gene Kelly did in the old movies, shalom my people, you are the slow determined ones who will one day bask in the winner’s circle, to you who are determined to tear up the track, Paulie says “Full speed ahead”, “Keep your foot on the gas pedal if you can remove it from your ass”, oh, and one more thing, go to hell…


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