Stay Out Of The Forest

Diary entry: Muffled murmurings emanate from the dark forest of my mind, when I turn to look, there are faces in the trees, dark faces of even darker memories, long ago buried and reburied things of the past, Paulie has used many types of shovels to bury hideous monsters, but the soil is soft and they keep finding their ways back to the surface to again moan on such nights as these; when I find myself in the forest on moonlit nights, the shadowy figures of past deeds and exploits stir fitfully, moaning about the need to rehash things of the past, like your wife continually wanting to dredge up your behavior at her last month’s ladies get together, and how you’re not really the “king of the castle”, long forgotten nightmares are like that old trunk in the attic that is full of creepy things, you may have forgotten about it for now but it is still there, waiting on you to come up looking for the picnic basket and that is when it comes out of it’s place to settle inside your mind once again, the dangers in the forest are the unseen things, long forgotten things, things that don’t exist anymore until they reach out of the darkness and grab hold of you just as they did that first time so long ago, it’s like time travel ping pong, a continual back and forth between today’s child-like dream and yesterday’s nightmare, anyhoo, where was I, I had something on my mind I wanted to say, oh yeah, the cost of living, the guy at the liquor store said “That’ll be 136.50”, is that insane or what, I remember when the liquor store guy would give us stuff for free if we would stop hanging around in front of his store, times have sure changed my friend, good times seem to blow away like the dead leaves while the bad days seem to root themselves deep and they only want to suck away your life moisture, well, this is “dried up” Paulie, out here somewhere, shouting out to those he loves, shalom my people, love and shalom…


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