Dissatisfied Mice

Diary entry: Now Paulie is a humble man, he doesn’t have much, but what he does have, he appreciates, quite unlike the mice around here, not a crumb falls from Paulie’s table these days but Paulie is not dissuaded, anyway, a mouse crawled on his belly over to where Paulie was seated, he looked up, opened his mouth, and I swear, he said “Fuck you”… Speaking of mice, the other day one of my mice was standing out by the curb in front of my house holding a cardboard sign that read “Will work for food”, oh god my life’s fucked up, how did I ever get to such a state, I came to Indiana to realize a crazy dream of happiness and fulfillment, they said if I could make it in Indiana, I could make it anywhere, well, I didn’t make it here, and I guess there’s no sense in moving on either…


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