Make Wisdom Whatever You Want It To Be

Diary entry: Paulie’s little hut is situated at the base of the Mount of Olives, not the old Mount of Olives, the new Mount of Olives, Paulie drinks a lot of martinis and he really, really, ordered way too many olives, so Paulie lounges under the great shadow cast by a hill of olives that would have made my dead Greek uncle, Alejandro, proud to have had such a nephew of wise taste and discernment, when I was a young boy he was always telling me I had wise taste and discernment, whether I was picking my nose or picking the wrong square on that old game show, Uncle Alejandro always told me I had wise taste and discernment, Uncle Alejandro was my defender in those days, he defended me when I struck out three times in the Farmington baseball finals, he defended me when my entire report card looked like the first letter in that one ugly word you get spanked for saying out loud, and he defended me when I barfed yams and ham on the dog during Christmas dinner, he always came to my defense, saying “That boy has wise taste and discernment”…


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