You Want Candy Or Meat?

Diary entry: Look, Paulie wants to say what is on his mind but he really can’t, Paulie will confine himself to sitting back out of the way, striking those wooden matches on whatever rough spot is near, and tossing them everywhere, in the hopes he may light up a few dumb asses while he sets the world on fire, Paulie truly believes that the dead light bulbs in your heads can somehow come back to life even though your tungsten element melted years ago and the vacuum escaped only to be replaced with imaginary political and religious bullshit which was forced on you since childhood, it’s not your fault you live in Fairy Land, but it is your fault if you don’t fight your way out, please seek to flee Candy Land’s Dark Licorice Forest, swim through Hot Fudge Waste Treatment Plant Lagoon, pull your Cotton Candy Car out of your Fudge Paved Driveway, rub the Chocolate Pudding from your eyes, it’s a new day, a bright and shiny day, and the day is all about “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary”, we serve up hearty Meat and Potato Meals every day for those who are trying to break their Candy Ass Diet of Lollipops and those little sour things that always end up all over the floor, it’s a beautiful clear day today, see it without your Pudding Goggles on, well, this is Paulie, shouting out a very Meaty and Potatoey shalom…


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