Those Sweet Bubble Gum School Days

Diary entry: Hey, Paulie here, I get so tired of hearing our school age children whine about every little thing; their school, their teachers, their little toys that aren’t new enough, kids today just don’t know, back when I was in grade school, things were different, I’m not saying our teachers were overly harsh or anything, we loved and respected them, but one day we were on a field trip, it felt more like a forced march, but anyway, I was so thirsty, I asked Mr. Winston if I could have a sip of water from his canteen, I had a nickle I’d give him in exchange for the privilege, he looked down at me and said “Boy, I wouldn’t sell you a glass of piss if you were on fire”, “Keep your nickle”, “Now get back in formation boy, we got ground to cover”, one day I asked the cafeteria lady, Mrs. Hellman, if I could have extra jello instead of the fish stick, she told me if I didn’t move along, she’s feed me her iron fry pan without the tarter sauce, the iron fry pan straight up, then she banned me from her cafeteria for two weeks, and the school nurse, Mrs. Cudgel, I don’t think she was a real nurse, and she had really hairy arms like the janitor who continually warned us that if he caught any one of us in his hallway, he would mop his slop sink with his head, I think the main thing I learned back in school was discipline, the simple discipline of living, going along to get along as they used to say, yeah, the world has changed my friend, changed in profound ways that make me appreciate my younger days when my only worry was math class and whether my stash of partly chewed bubble gum under my seat was safe, well, this is Paulie, looking back to the good days, shalom…


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