Riding On The Back Of The Dragon

Diary entry: Hi everybody, I think it’s time we acknowledged our Eastern brothers, sisters, and cousins here at home and across the seas, with a little anecdote from Paulie and the staff, Paulie’s first girlfriend was Kim, Kim She, she lit up the cold winter nights like a pot of hot summer cabbage, we dwelt upon the mountaintop, we had claimed it as our very own, the wide city down below belonged to us, we had claimed Yongsan Mountain in the name of love, we nested inside the Dragon’s Mouth, and fire did emanate from that ever-blazing furnace, our love fire illuminated a drab and dreary winter city scene of confusion and despair down below, yes, on those cold wintry nights so long ago, a blazing fire stood watch over the night, over the sleeping city, people everywhere gazed upon a burning Yongsan, and they wondered why, why were the stars in the sky perplexed, why did they descend down in the night to gaze upon two young people who had set the Dragon on fire with a thing the world could never understand, a thing the world could never know, why indeed, shalom all…


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