Pickiness Is A Virtue

Diary entry: When Paulie was a young boy, he feared most everything, but the thing he feared most in the world was the “Booger Man”, people have been telling me for years I had it wrong, it was the “Boogie Man”, not the “Booger Man”, but they were wrong, I was right, the “Boogie Man” hung out under beds, in the backs of closets, in cellars, and other places around the house, but the “Booger Man” lived under the bridge and he came out when it got dark to hunt little boys who would never blow their nose, and who would continually wipe boogers on Auntie Creesha’s best furniture throws at her open house, anyway, the “Booger Man” ate boogers, that is what kept him alive, he had some sort of medical problem from when he was in the army and they had to do some serious brain operation on him that didn’t turn out right, he became a different man after they switched some wrong veins in his head and his senses got all screwed up, it wasn’t his fault, but he was now demented as a feral pit bull and he had an unending appetite for boogers, any boogers, spending his life living under the bridge, only coming out at night to find boogers wherever they may be found, neighborhood cats, dogs, guinea pigs, little boys, no one with boogers was safe, there were dead cats all over the place and we always checked them, their noses were clean, none ever had boogers, an aura of fear hung over my young life in those days, sometimes even today, when it is very dark out and the breeze is soft, I can almost still hear the “Booger Man” stir in the night, hunting his silent prey…


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