Don’t Stand Near The Mistletoe

Diary entry: This is a legal message from “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary” concerning mistletoe, a class action legal suit has been filed on behalf of workers who were exposed to mistletoe in the work place, workers in the mistletoe fields who were exposed to the freshly harvested crop, factory workers who cut and bundled mistletoe in little cellophane wrappers to be sold during the holidays, and those who purchased such items, the producers and manufacturers of mistletoe and mistletoe related products knew their products caused “mistletoethemia” and did nothing, you may be eligible for a cash award, if you have been diagnosed with the deadly disease “mistletoethemia”, or are now being treated, or are seeking treatment, we want to represent you, call our offices now, don’t delay, “mistletoethemia” is a serious disease and we are here to help you get what’s coming to you, we have been helping “mistletoethemia” victims solve their financial and medical problems for years, won’t you let us help you too, call today…


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