Spit Out The Gristle

Diary entry: Hey people, are you chewing on this stupid fake world like a dog on a pork chop bone, are you trying to swallow the world whole without chewing it first, do you swallow everything your master tosses in your bowl without looking at it first, do you have your jaws clamped on to the world’s gristle and you won’t let go, like that one dog does, or the hungry turtle that won’t let go even after they cut his head off, c’mon, spit it out, we need to get things clear here, you are eating the wrong things of this world, you eat without looking, you think the ex carnival worker with the dog face and lion tattoo that says “Born to roar”, who stands behind the curtain fixing your “organic” meal is, in reality, a pretty lady wearing a short apron that has “What’s cookin’ Honey” emblazoned on it, look, the hairy-armed, face-like-an-iron-skillet man who picks his boogers with his thumb, he has to fix your food but he doesn’t have to eat it, and neither do you, Paulie admonishes all of you, “Spit that gristle out of your mouth now”, call to the waiter to clear this shit off the table, and bring another goddamned pitcher of martinis, you are gonna roar into the night like a hungry tiger because you have refused the world’s offerings, you will stalk the night as you were meant to from the beginning, like a famished gourmand who waits for that special prey that makes the waiting all worthwhile, well, this is Paulie, heading to the kitchen for a corn dog and another martini, let me say that all of us here at the “Diary” wish our best wishes during this special time of year, when we all try to do better, when we all try to eat less, and we all try just a little harder to get along, shalom…


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