Where We Goin’?

Diary entry: Paulie here, the scarecrow out back blew down in last night’s wind, could this be an omen of some kind, a subtle hint of what Paulie’s future holds, holds for now anyway, is it possible that a black future can be altered in some way, can we change our future before it happens, can you change the path of your in laws car so they end up in Cherryville’s sweet potato festival parade instead of your driveway, can any of us change the path that has been laid out before us, laid out for us before time ever existed, before we ever existed, are we unable to veer either left or right, are we like those old slot cars that can only drive to where the slot takes them, are we like the sweet milkshake that’s only future is to be sucked up through a fat straw into a fatter guy’s gut, what are we anyway, are we not men, are we not the deciders of our own futures, Paulie can only ask, he cannot answer, but Paulie sincerely wishes that your futures are all what you want them to be, bright, clear, and full of good things, as for Paulie, please understand, he remains cautiously pessimistic, this is uncertain Paulie, saying with conviction, my love for the family is undying, now and forever, shalom…


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