The Can Can

Diary entry: Paulie recently returned to his old stomping ground, he had been invited to be the back-up keynote speaker at a conference taking place in his old home town, Paulie was at one time a trash collector and an active member within the GMCU, the Garbage Man Collective Union, they were having a big gala blow out, out at the Can Can Bar and Grill, where we used to meet after a long hard day of emptying garbage containers, to engage in friendly beers and bits of wisdom we had picked up on our rounds that day, anyway, the evening was a smash, we broke the night like it was a box of old light bulbs that you throw into the side of the dumpster as hard as you can, to hear “pop, pop, pop”, like it was a semi-retarded New Years Day in the middle of August, anyway, it was great having a good union job in those days, working under the banner of the GMCU and being a member in good standing in the Collective, I had a whole apartment full of discounted scratch and dent appliances, the times were good, I was young and brash, the days were sweet, and the nights down at the Can Can Bar and Grill popped like pop bottles in the compacter, I never got to speak to the Collective from the stage, but the listening was enjoyable, we had many speakers who regaled us with old stories, a few worn out cliche’s, and the kind of threadbare jokes you hold close to you like they are the special blanket you had as a child, and you laugh and laugh until your face turns red and your belly hurts, I’ll never forget my recent visit to the hometown I will always love, well, this is Paulie out here near the edge of the county, saying shalom to his old work mates, shalom and love…


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