It’s All Just Air

Diary entry: Paulie feels depleted, empty, hollow, like an empty sack containing nothing but air, a vessel inflated with nothingness, and Paulie is waiting, waiting for some kind of inevitable thing that has been lurking in the shadows, eyeing Paulie, studying Paulie, always thinking about Paulie, and how this thing is like a stinging needle, and then Paulie imagines himself as an egotistical over inflated balloon and he is waiting, waiting, for a deadly needle to come out of the hay pile and puncture Paulie just when he is in the middle of telling his funniest story ever, and Paulie ends up flying up and away in a stupid convoluted way, making those loud balloon fart noises, is this Paulie’s destiny, his fate, was this whole story conceived long ago, in some far away place, a big cosmic joke on Paulie, written down in some ancient book somewhere, if so, we are narrowing in on the last pages, stay near to the “Diary” readers, because Paulie’s biggest joke ever may be coming up soon, shalom…


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