The Twilight Diary

Dec 13,2019 Diary entry: Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public, you have just entered into a new dimension, a wondrous world of sight and sound, a world in which you will hear words like you’ve never known, a word zone we call the Twilight Diary, join us as we take your mind on a journey, a trip if you will, where the fabric of time and space distorts into a continuing continuum of dichotomic thought that will challenge the purpose of your very being, hear words from Paulie that come from a here-to-for unknown realm where sight and sound, time and space, congeal into a mass that is so dense that logic and reasoning become moot, join our journey as we search for the key of knowledge that will open up your mind, open up your consciousness, and possibly open up your very soul, come, take hold of our hand as we lead you into the realm known as the Twilight Diary…


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