Paulie’s Holiday Wish

Diary entry: Hey everybody, it’s Paulie here with a heartfelt holiday wish for you, Paulie wishes for you to love him, feel him, use him, yes, use Paulie, he is here for you, use his words, Paulie wants his words to be your words, let Paulie’s words flow freely from your lips, use them at all times, use them on the guy in front of you in the grocery store line who keeps swiping his driver’s license in the scanner, tell him the goddamned State of Indiana isn’t going to pay for his stupid fuckin’ Twinkies and beer, let Paulie’s words flow from you like honey from an overpopulated bee hive, tell that pretty girl at the gas station that your tank is full but you want her to “top you off” anyway, lay that candy bar on the counter and tell her you crave more than a “Bit-O-Honey”, you want the whole thing, yes, Paulie’s words are a gift of the season, it is the season for giving and Paulie gives his words to you, pass the gift on to others this holiday season, let’s make this a year to remember, Paulie’s most heartfelt gift to the world is himself, please accept Paulie as he is, I know you have heard it said “It’s not the gift that counts, it’s the words behind it”, Paulie offers the only thing he has, his words, peace and shalom to all…


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