Diary entry: Paulie here, no one has ever known the secret location of where Gilligan’s Island was filmed , the exact location has never been found, but there is a guy on You Tube who says a gopher on the set came to him with maps that seem to be dated to the time frame when the shows were shot, the gopher’s name cannot be divulged because he signed non disclosure contracts that prohibit him from talking, anyway, they are sitting on the story for some reason, maybe because of death threats, who knows, but it has been leaked that Gilligan’s Island may have been filmed in Sumatra somewhere, a particular species of coconut palm that only exists in the region can be plainly seen in the opening of the show where they play the Gilligan song and show the island in the sea from a distance of two kilometers that was filmed from a naval destroyer during routine training exercises, this is an intriguing story that we will be keeping an eye on, we will keep all posted on any new information we receive… oh, hang on, why did the professor’s super special coconut radio fail? Because it was not a coconut, it was the head of that little midget guy from Fantasy Island that drifted up into the lagoon, his boss murdered him and cast his head into the sea because he was too plain, too plain, and he was sick and tired of his shit…


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