Back In School

Diary entry: Back in school Paulie had a column in his school newspaper, an advice column in which he gave nuggets of advice away freely to those who really needed it, Paulie used the pen name “Svengali Adviser” and the Svengali built up a great and towering column that reached into the very sky, a towering column that was built from small ideas and bits of wisdom that the Svengali had heard over the years from friends, strangers on the street, and the guy who hung out by the dumpster behind the liquor store, all was going wonderfully, Paulie the Svengali was giving out advice to everyone, all the people were coming to the Svengali for help with the myriads of problems they were suffering with, then the Svengali Adviser made a crucial mistake, he gave the school principal some advice that he hadn’t asked for, the particular advice was given in the form of a poem, like a poetic ode thing, suffice it to say, Paulie was poetically asked to hop the first fast moving conveyance out of the Farmington Community School District and never return, that school principal sure could use imagery, Paulie still imagines the things he said some nights when it is very dark out and the wind howls like old Mrs. Crotzman in history class after she returns from using the copy machine to find her pupils in an uproar, yeah, Paulie the Svengali Adviser remembers the good days, the sweet smelling days when the whole school wanted a whiff of Paulie, and he gave it to them generously…


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