It’s Getting Dark Out

Diary entry: The night was dark, darker than usual, very dark, a dog was barking, barking out some dark and mysterious warning to the world, what sort of devious stew had we become embroiled in, was there some heavenly ladle somewhere that would come out of the sky and scoop us out of this foul mess, or would we simply be once-crunchy croutons meeting a hot soggy fate in which we dissolve into a stinking morass of mixed things, things we believed were good from childhood, but have since come to recognize as our undoing, we chose this foul smelling stew that the world offered us and now we are steeping within a boiling cauldron of confusion and indecision that intends on destroying us, we did not choose well my friends, we did not choose well, well, this is Paulie and all the staff of “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary”, hoping you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we love those whom we love, we wish you love, happiness, and shalom, to the rest of you, we don’t really need to say it but we will, go to hell…


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