Paulie’s Hometown

Diary entry: TODO EL MUNDO ESTA LLENO DE CABEZAS CARAJO!?!! Oh God it’s been a day, is everybody in this stinkin’ town trying to be Head Shithead, it was as if the mayoral race was in full swing and the whole town was running for the office of Mayor Mc Moron, where do these people come from, it’s like a flood of lame lemmings on migration out of the county sanitarium, they’re everywhere, well, we knew the day of the firestorm was coming but nobody ever said that the fire from heaven was gonna be flaming assholes… Diary entry: Hey everybody, Paulie here, feeling a bit more calmed down after a smoke and a few martinis, please don’t be confused, Paulie really does love people but it seems to be some kind of misdirected, foolish, confounded love, like one of those old black and white movies where the monster loves the girl but he ends up squashing her when she says she only loves him as a friend, you know what I’m saying, anyway, where was I, oh yeah, Paulie has a joke for you, How did the over-agreeable French piggie piss off the cab driver? He kept saying oui, oui, oui, all the way home! Well, please allow Paulie to take this moment to wish peace, love, and shalom to all those he loves, to the rest of you, Paulie really doesn’t have to say it but he will, go to hell…


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