Bang Your Drum And Do Your Little Flips

Diary entry: Hey, Paulie here, it’s like this, we are all like those little wind up puppet toys that are set down on the floor and they bang the drum or walk and flip, the world winds us up and we automatically do our routine, whether you were wound up by your parents, your public school education, your church, or the world in general, you are simply mechanical puppets banging the drum or walking along doing back flips in the big wind-up mechanical puppet parade, well, Paulie was wound up too, many times, Paulie did his dance, he walked and back flipped, but Paulie’s spring was not as flexible as the others, no, his spring broke and Paulie is no longer a part of the big puppet parade, Paulie is out now and happier than ever, this is Paulie, out, shalom…


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