There Shouldn’t Be A Law

Diary entry: Paulie remembers the big trial of 1961, a crime that could not be tolerated was committed in the neighborhood and there were several suspects, the crime, mud balls, mud balls where they shouldn’t have been, where they would not be tolerated, we called on one of our best friends from down the block, the “Attorney”, the “Attorney” was always available to represent any one of us who got into trouble back then, he never won any of our cases with our parents but we all felt more secure just knowing the “Attorney” was close by to argue our case, anyway, the big trial, we called in the “Attorney” to plead on the side of sanity, the neighborhood was in an uproar and the world looked as though it was falling apart, we leaned heavily on the “Attorney” in those times but once again, he lost the case, many men fell during those ugly days so long ago, some never fully recovered but we all appreciated the presence of the “Attorney”, you know, I think it may be true, when you’re in a sinking boat and you know you’re gonna die, you feel better if there is some one there to die with you… yeah, the kid we called the “Attorney”, he carried a briefcase at all times, we figured he kept legal papers in it like precedent law, previous legal findings, court rulings, well, one of the guys got a look inside his briefcase once and all that was in it was bubble gum wrappers and pieces of his mom’s lamp that had been broken during an especially intense sleepover that got blamed on his visiting cousin, the “Attorney” claimed he was just keeping it as evidence, but his poor cousin had already been found guilty and sentenced, oh well, we all loved the “Attorney”…


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