Nuthin’ But A Freakin’ Puppet Show

Diary entry: It really wasn’t me! I am just a puppet! Blame my puppet masters! It is they who direct my thoughts, my actions, I’m not really me, I’m really them, please believe me, I have no choice!… We here at “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary” want the blame put into the lap of those who conceived this charade, it is the puppeteer who is responsible for the puppet show, not me, I am only a player in this puppet extravaganza, now excuse me, the puppet wants a martini backstage with the female puppet lead star… Diary entry: Look, when the puppeteer’s wife is hounding him again about having the in-laws over, this time for a long weekend, when the puppeteer is pissed, the dancing puppets are about to have a few strings cut, yeah, it is the simple puppets who suffer the wrath of the puppet master, puppet Paulie has some advice for all puppets everywhere, dance while you have the strings because tomorrow our master will attack with his wife’s big dressmaker’s shears and that is when we all fall down, this is Paulie here with all the staff, wishing the best of everything for you all, you know who you are, those who love and are loved, the rest of you, go to hell… Diary entry: Special addendum “Diary” entry, You all better respect your puppeteer, he has large cutting devices and he will cut your strings on the slightest whim, he doesn’t need you, you need him…


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