Corn In The Can

Diary entry: Hey, it’s Paulie again, Paulie has written previously about living out here in corn country and let me tell you, we have the same problems out here in Farmington that exist everywhere else, many people out here seem to be searching for some kind of identity and they all join gangs, Farmington’s Mayor Cornelius Cornwell is attempting to deal with our ongoing gang crisis, one particular gang hangs out in the back room of a little bar and grill west of town, they are all gay members of a gang they call The Corn Borers, they say it’s always Harvest Time at the Corn Borer Bar and Grill, Mayor Cornwell has been considering a roundup of The Corn Borers, townspeople have been murmuring that the mayor may have opened up a real can of worms this time, anyway, as I was saying, well, maybe I’ve said enough, this could be the right time to snap one of those rubber Tupperware lids on this “Diary” entry, burp it, and say shalom… Diary entry: We here at “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary” would like to take this opportunity to announce the formation of our brand new complaint department, we have hired on a kid who says he has a lot of experience handling complaints, he doesn’t have credentials but nobody here does, anyway, please address all your complaints to the care of The Kid in the Complaint Department at Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary Corporation Inc., he will receive all your texts, emails, letters, and packages containing the funny smelling cookies and brownies, thank you…


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