No More Noodles

Diary entry: Hey everybody, Paulie here with a question, “What has happened to our women”, these women today have really changed, they lived the free drugs, free sex, and free music lifestyle of the sixties, they did things back then I can’t say, but now the drugs they take would scare an insane man bent on suicide, they hum the tunes from pharmaceutical commercials, and after dinner at Cracker Barrel they usually end up saying”Take me home right now”, “I never want to see you again”, after last night’s noodle dinner at Cracker Barrel when the shank of the evening was about to get gnawed on, Paulie’s date said “Take me back to CVS, my diarrhea medication isn’t working”, “Then take me home, I never want to see you again”, the dating scene is whack man, if I have to eat one more noodle dinner at Cracker Barrel, I’m gonna freak out… well, night came upon the land many hours ago, sleepiness has come over Paulie, the dogs are snoring by the fire, Goober my cat didn’t go out this evening because of the cold snap, Paulie is gonna check in to Dreamland Hotel but before he does, he wants to wish those he loves good thoughts, good wishes, good night, and shalom, to the rest of you, I don’t really have to say it because you know the words by now, go to hell…


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