Please Pass The Past

Diary entry: It’s true, today Paulie has many words, but there were words little Paulie spoke on the day he was born, little new-born Paulie gurgled “I don’t want to die”, those were little Paulie’s first words before anyone could understand him, and before little Paulie could draw his first breath, the world slapped him across the face and the world has been slapping him ever since, Paulie often wonders, is his past really past or is it waiting up ahead in the future… Diary entry: A loud deafening crack, the night lit up, thunder rolled over the land, rolled like a fat woman rolls over her skinny husband in bed during the night, was this some kind of omen, some devious long ago planned scenario that was meant to devour us all, or was it simply something else, rain began hitting the roof like drunken broken down destitute men hit on the bartender for one more drink before closing time, the rain came down, descending down like the wife’s relatives from up north come down for our fall festival, it was as if the entire night was in open rebellion to all that was good, decent, or serene, yes, this could be the very night in which our paradigm would invert, turn upside down, turn ugly, please excuse Paulie as he goes to fix a hot cup of cocoa to sooth his frazzled nerves, Paulie apologizes for truncating this “Diary” entry…


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