Leave The Past Buried With The Clown

Diary entry: Paulie was working security for the head of a large politically connected firm, Paulie had a close working relationship with the head of all intermediate security offices underneath this one, Paulie carried out and did his job to the best of his ability, Paulie was head honcho of the corporate security department, unfortunately, Paulie was given a mini disk, ordered to destroy it and any copies that may exist, as there was incriminating evidence on it that could bring an entire city to it’s knees, well, Paulie accepted his assignment with the usual confidence and swagger that he was known for, anyway, it seems Paulie had a hole in his pocket and he lost the disk somewhere between the CEO’s desk and the cafeteria, Paulie lost his cushy security job and is now unhirable, well, whattaya gonna do… Diary entry: Oh good gooey gizzard gravy anyway, Jehovah’s Witness ladies sure can swear, Paulie simply wants to love and be loved… Diary entry: Long ago, Paulie worked closely with the lieutenant, a kid who lived down at the end of the block, the lieutenant carried official credentials and he would show them to people, we never got a good look at his credentials as he showed them so quickly, but we all knew we needed the lieutenant, we looked up to him and respected him, we were all so lost in the world that we would follow anyone back then who claimed to be anything, anyway, the lieutenant did all our investigations, stuff like mysterious cat deaths, lost baseballs, all the usual stuff, anyway, Paulie remembers the lieutenant and he takes this moment to say “Thank you”… Diary entry: Panda Express, the squid was raw, cold, slimy on the plate, just as this investigation had become, Paulie would need another Saki to wash down the slime of what he had just discovered… Diary entry: Yeah, the lieutenant, the kid who lived down at the end of the block, he was never too busy to drop everything and work on our cases, he always said he was in the middle of a homicide case that was eating him up but because we were all friends, he would drop the case he was on and focus on our needs, our concerns, our fears, our very well beings, we all loved the lieutenant and we trusted him and we followed all his advice, he didn’t ever solve many cases but there was a certain security just knowing that the lieutenant was right down the block if we ever needed him… Diary entry: Now don’t be confused, the lieutenant was nothing like the cops of today who will slap the cuffs on you for simply throwing an empty beer can at a bus, no, investigators in our day were men, we were men, we were all men, we were united by the same rebel spirit, yeah, the lieutenant knew where the clown’s bones were buried, underneath the abandoned trestle down the railroad track, he had dug most of the hole and we all pee’d in that hole, all of us, in unison, yeah, we were men back then, we were unified in a rebel spirit that has since been destroyed, but to this day, that clown’s bones have not been dug up…


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