Keep Your Head On Tight

Diary entry: Some people have criticized Paulie for his hateful stance against television and television shows, people say “What’s wrong with a little filth if the shows are cute or exciting”, “What is a bit of dirt in something that is otherwise enjoyable”, allow Paulie to explain, there may be a blueberry in a bucket of shit but you don’t pluck it out and eat it, this is a bit of wisdom that you probably won’t understand, but know this, Paulie can only ruffle your feathers, he cannot make you fly… Diary entry: Speaking of TV shows, there’s this one daytime show where this guy had his brain stolen and planted inside another guy’s head, they don’t know what happened to the recipient guy’s brain, it got lost somewhere, anyway, they are arguing over who this one guy is because he has one guy’s body but another guys brain, this brings up quite the dilemma, it’s the same as if a guy gets his head separated from his body, who do you go with, the body or the head, I would suppose if you liked going water skiing or dancing with the guy, you’d go with the body, if you like just sitting on the couch talking or arguing, you’d have to go with the head, well, Paulie’s head is beginning to ache from thinking too much, this is Paulie, out…


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