Don’t Look Up

Diary entry: Paulie is trying to make amends for all his past mistakes and bad behavior, Paulie is repentant and apologetic to all whom he has wronged, please allow Paulie to apologize to anyone who was innocently walking by the old Grand Hotel downtown on a rainy day in mid 1959 and the rain smelled like pee, it was because young Paulie was up on the roof, we never pee’d off the hotel’s roof on dry days because people always looked up… Diary entry: Panda Express, late lunch, won ton and Saki, there were loud words coming from the far corner of the restaurant, it was the man with the fur hat, he was arguing with the opium addicted busboy, heated words were being exchanged, a form of Chinese I didn’t recognize, possibly a northern mountain dialect, Eastern Mongolia perhaps, anyway, the only word I recognized was “squid”, I thought back to when I was told I had been using the wrong Chinese word for “squid”, when the pretty dark haired soft spoken Chinese waitress gave me the word for “squid”, I had looked up the word she gave me in my Chinese-English dictionary, and let me say, she had given me one rude ugly word, anyway, this “Murder At The Panda Express” inquiry into murder is taking a wild turn, a new face has entered the picture, a man from China who is a distant cousin of Mr. Kim, yes, Mr. Kim, the most powerful man in Shing Dong Prefecture, there was only one man in the world that Mr. Kim feared, and that was his distant cousin, his cousin had only one ear, he had probably lost one of his ears in some hideous altercation, anyway, the One Eared Man, had he been brought to this Panda Express from far away China by a dark fate of some kind, had we all become inexplicably entwined on the precipice of a deep swirling vortex of God knows what, all of us to be swept down together into an out of control vacuum from which escape would be impossible, had our collective fates been written down long ago in some book somewhere, if so, we were certainly narrowing in on the last pages, stay close by the “Diary” everybody, as a most feared and most dangerous one eared man is about to make his presence known…


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