Just Initial Here

Diary entry: T. S. Moynihan, Moynihan wasn’t his real name, he liked the name when he heard it as a kid in an old detective movie, it was the name of one of the characters, the doctor who was always available to dig bullets out of criminals who were on the run, anyway, T. S. Moynihan runs a cute little Bed and Breakfast with his brother, up in Sheboygan, T. S. uses his initials instead of his full name because he feels that Talon Slade is a bit too harsh for people looking to enjoy a folksy country quilt B&B experience, he and his brother E. C. Slade have run their little inn up in Sheboygan for about three years now, E. C. doesn’t use his full name either because he feels it is too rough sounding for a guy who serves whimsical country breakfasts to weary travelers who want that down home charm of a warm Bed and Breakfast Inn with kittens painted on all the doors, E. C.’s full name is Eagle Claw, Eagle Claw Slade, well, if you ever find yourself driving through Sheboygan, stop in at Talon and Eagle Claw Slade’s little B&B and stay awhile, it’s just off Route 9, tell em Paulie sent ya, shalom…


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