Empty Promises And Empty Glasses

Diary entry: Being the boss is never easy, all of Paulie’s employees are very determined individuals, keeping them out of these societal divides and vicious entanglements within factions and infighting groups of idealistic young writers who haven’t yet learned the meaning of restraint, where was I, oh yeah, it’s like keeping the weasels out of the chicken coop, you can’t turn your back one minute, you end up sitting awake all night with empty beer cans and empty promises from rebellious employees who only care whether the next president will be a fascist or a communist, whether the wall will ever get built, or whether walls will come down, whether there will be more healthy snacks in the vending machine or more candy, there is a crisis brewing here just as “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary” is poised to become an international company, yes, we are standing on the precipice of a giant chasm, a chasm which can be crossed if we all jump in unison, but these people seem more inclined to hold grudges than to hold hands, whether we go over this cliff as one united organism, or we all go separately, one thing is sure, the drop is a deep and dark killer… Diary entry: “It’ll only be about fifteen minutes”, why does it take so long to pay for gas when there is no one else in the place, the clerk intoned “You are nothing but an empty fart without any stink to it”, “You ain’t shit”, all I did was ask where the coffee lids were…


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