The Diary Zone

Diary entry: Meet Mr.Maxwell Cardwell, a man on a quest, a quest for anonymity, anonymity in a world where every detail is known about you, your shoe size, your favorite ice cream, your Saturday night activities, every thought, every desire is known about you and studied, Mr. Cardwell set out on a quest to hide himself from the unseen face of the world which studied his every move, Maxwell Cardwell was a retired traveler, a roustabout who could no longer live underneath a prying microscope of inquisitory nosiness by unseen forces, Maxwell Cardwell’s journey began when he withdrew his life savings from the Hopewell Savings and Loan Bank in a desperate attempt to hide himself from the never sleeping eyes of a prying world, Mr. Cardwell had made a decision to hire on a team of disreputable doctors, he would undergo a facectomy, he was about to have his face removed and achieve the goal of complete anonymity, but things did not go exactly as planned, readers, you have now just entered into the Diary Zone, join us as we watch Mr. Maxwell Cardwell’s search to become a faceless person in the crowd, watch as he becomes anonymous in a way he had never imagined, Maxwell Cardwell found his anonymity in death, the anonymity of death itself, yes, Mr. Cardwell found what he had sought, here, in the Diary Zone…


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