Class In Session For A Classless Society

Diary entry: Okay, listen up, this is Paulie your teacher, you are all enrolled in Paulie’s math class, we will try to make this semester as painless as possible, your teacher teaches a simple math geared toward the lowest common denominator of people, if you all sit up straight in your desks, keep your pencils sharpened, and your attention focused on the blackboard, you may do well, if I catch any one of you slouching or writing with a dull pencil, you will all receive a most distressing homework assignment, you will be given rulers and your assignment will be to measure the depth of hell… Diary entry: Oh god, these freakin’ weathermen, pale, pudgy, puppet ponces, Paulie says “poo”… “Look at me”, “I’m Super Puppet Man”, “I can swing my arms like a real person and dance in front of my puppet green screen”, “I pretend I’m controlling the weather with my little weather dance I do, I am the weather conductor, I conduct the nation’s weather on my green screen like a real conductor conducts the symphony orchestra”, whats that old saying, “All the world’s a puppet stage and everyone on it is a deranged puppet”, I harken back to that Barbara Streisand song of a few years ago, “Puppets Who Love Puppets Are The Puppetiest Puppets In The World”… Diary entry: Question: So if they are called hurricanes in the Atlantic, typhoons in the Pacific, what are they called in hell? Answer: Paulie’s disobedient students…


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