Whose Murder Is It Anyway

Diary entry: Get this, there was this murder mystery writer, he was a bit awkward and quiet but he wrote very successful books, anyway, he had a partner who was outgoing and flamboyant-like who did all the bookings, scheduled the book signings, and met all the women, he didn’t know anything about writing, just as his partner didn’t know about promotion or booking stuff, well, the writer was just finishing up what was to be the most successful story yet, gonna be worth millions, but something came between these partners that caused them to want to split up, there were many late night arguments about who was gonna get what, from the latest smash hit murder mystery, well, the flamboyant partner showed up one night for another late night argument, and while they were in the middle of swearing at each other, the flashy guy picked up a lamp and hit the talented writer over the head as he sat at his typewriter, killing him instantly, the flashy guy wanted the book money all to himself, well, it turned out that the writer wasn’t all the way done writing, he was near the end of his mystery but hadn’t yet revealed the murderer, well, the well dressed, flashy guy pushed his dead partner aside and sat down at the typewriter, determined to finish the book himself, as he scooted the swivel chair close, squared up the paper in the machine, scratched his head, and thought for a moment, he started to type the ending of a story to be worth millions, he wrote “The clown did it”…


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