Love Me, Love My Corndog

Diary entry: Since Paulie hails from the “Great State of Indiana”, he is continually asked what a “Hoosier” is, please allow Paulie to reiterate once more, “Hoosier” is a French Canadian term, the French Canadian fur traders would come down to Indiana every year to meet, get drunk, trade their fur pelts with each other, and insult us locals, then they would go back up north until the next year rolled around, the term “Hoosier” just stuck, “Hoosier” is French Canadian for “Hoser”… Now us Hoosiers reside within the very heart of “Corn Country”, corn courses through our very veins, so how do you tell a real Hoosier from a fake Hoosier, well, offer him a corndog, a real Hoosier will never turn down a corndog, you’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase “You are what you eat”, well, we are corndogs, we have become corndogs, that guy who invented the nuclear bomb said a phrase after the explosion that was based on an old well known phrase in these parts “I am become corndog”… Sly and the Family Stone performed at our state fair and they sang the song “I Am Everyday Corndog People”, well, this has been your Hoosier History Moment, hope you’ve enjoyed, Paulie says to the other forty nine states “Good evening neighbor and good luck to you”, I think we’re all gonna need it, shalom…


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