I Won’t Dignify That With An Answer

Diary entry: I must have said something pretty stupid, as the lady at Seven Eleven said to me “Are you still in junior high school?”, anyway, I didn’t know how to respond so I replied “I won’t dignify that with an answer”… Diary entry: Paulie was a mule, yes, Paulie was indeed a mule, Paulie did his job of carrying many burdens, he did so at the best of his ability but people still called him a jackass, Paulie was considered as only a jackass by the world, well, Paulie no longer carries any burden, the world was Paulie’s burden and he has cast it off his back, yes, Paulie has shaken all you bastards from him, you are left by the side of the road like parasites without a host, may you die slowly… Diary entry: On a more positive note, here is a wisdom bit from long ago, “Do not follow the blind man just because he wears cool sunglasses”… Diary entry: Please know and understand, Paulie’s words have no power, the only power they have is what your imagination gives them, the breeze is felt while it blows, but when it dies down, it ceases to exist, much like Paulie’s words, feel Paulie’s words now, while the breeze is still blowing, this is a wisdom bit for the wise out there, you may not know who you are, but know this, wisdom does not always flow like a river, sometimes the deepest wisdom exists within a still well… Diary entry: People are still asking about the nature of little Paulie’s relationship with the cute little Russian girl he once knew, was it simply some shallow business, or political arrangement, or did it go deeper than that, allow Paulie to elucidate you with the fact that little Paulie gave his little Russian girl his bicycle lock as a symbol of his feelings, the lock was filled with little Paulie’s blood, blood that had flowed through little Paulie’s heart, little Paulie had a nose bleed and he took that blood which had passed through his heart, put it inside his bicycle padlock, clicked it, and gave it to his cute little Russian girl, yes, she took more than little Paulie’s secrets, she took his very life blood…


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