When The Jellybeans Fly

Diary entry: As you all know, Paulie was at one time, a security guard who did his job with zeal, enthusiasm, and passion, no one would escape Paulie’s long arm of justice, Paulie’s long arm came down many times on those who underestimated Paulie, but Paulie became disillusioned with the corrupt system which is in place, yes, Paulie could no longer cow tow to an establishment that refused to back Paulie up, to wit, it was a windy fall day, the wind sounded like your mother in law calling the deaf farmhands in from the field, the wind had roared all day long and it was now dark out, the time of day when evil planners plan their evil, the time when men gather, gather to plot and plan nefarious schemes and crimes, Paulie knew these things, Paulie was alert to anyone who entered Cushman’s Dime Store and Ladies Apparel, yeah, Cushman’s was on the main drag through town, Paulie was head guard at Cushman’s and no sick twisted scum would be robbing Cushman’s Dime Store while Paulie was on duty, anyway, some scumbag came in to the store near closing time, that’s when most crimes occur, Paulie had no choice but to take him down by hitting him over the head with Mr. Cushman’s cane with the heavy steel eagle head handle, Paulie knocked this filth bag straight through the candy counter, then he threw him out the swinging front doors into the street, just like in those old Western movies, yeah, but as was previously stated, no one will back up a man who is only trying to do his job, I had no idea the thug was actually the town mayor, Paulie was chastised for only doing his job to the best of his ability, life is so unfair, anyway, Paulie is now unhirable, but Paulie can still reminisce about the old days when men cowered before Paulie and all the ladies smiled, when all the days belonged to Paulie, and all the nights at Cushman’s Dime Store and Ladies Apparel were Paulie’s domain…


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