What The…

Diary entry: Please understand, Paulie only wants to love and be loved, don’t try to kill Paulie for simply being Paulie, let Paulie live so that he may some day love and be loved… Diary entry: Don’t you hate it when you are in the library and you’re right in the middle of a funny joke, and some dick head looks at you and says “Shhh!, Shhh!”, what the hell has happened to our men… Diary entry: Now look, don’t misunderstand Paulie here, if Paulie is walking through the woods and some one says “Shhh” because Paulie is stepping on branches that may scare game away, well okay, no big thing right, but when a guy says “Shhh” in a library, well, that is plainly weird, all Paulie can say is “Man, you have lost your roots”, “You are a dead tree”, Paulie may dig you up and burn you in the fire… Diary entry: The professor lived down the street, by the fork, he made us refer to him as the professor, we weren’t sure what kind of professor he was as all he ever did was sit in his back yard, drink beer, and yell at his dog; we figured he must have been a great man at one time, yeah, we all loved and respected the professor… Diary entry: The days were surrealistic my friend, surrealistic indeed… Diary entry: Alright, this “Russia thing” is way out of control, can’t we please stop this madness, this over done witch hunt, Paulie has been contacted by the cute little Russian girl he once knew, she sent Paulie a nice letter and a picture of herself, boy, cute little Russian girls sure change a lot in sixty years… Diary entry: The pretty little birds that Paulie has enjoyed so much seem to have all flown away, Paulie’s bird feeder sits desolate, unneeded, unloved, ignored, maybe it is only the season and not Paulie… Diary entry: Paulie’s magnificent ship sailed high, like the great condor flies over the sea’s expanse, devouring whatever it desires, Paulie’s sails were full blown, they were wide and they captured and subdued the strongest winds, the air itself, the wind belonged to Paulie, Paulie owned the wind, Paulie owned the sea, anyway, that’s the way Paulie remembers it, and Paulie remembers his little Russian girl, just the way she was, sixty long years ago…


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