Morning In An Obscure Northern County Somewhere In The Midwest

Diary entry: I awoke this late summer morning as if I were drowning in hot soup, no, more like cold broth, some devious cold broth of something I couldn’t shake, I downed my third cup of coffee and spit out the last bite of my muffin, I was determined to fight this thing, yes, I would stand up and fight, I had no idea who or where the enemy was, but I vowed to fight him, fight him to the very end, I put my clothes on and headed to the door, isn’t that just the way it is, just when you think you’re out the door, something comes up, the lady across the street met me with a bag of my dog Smudge’s, uh, offerings, it seems that Smudge likes to crap in her mailbox, actually, it’s the mail slot in her door, anyway, Paulie was determined to make this day all it could be, this day would belong to Paulie and Paulie alone, Paulie would rip the throat out of this day like it was the last chicken in the chicken coop on New Year’s Day, Paulie would chug the day down like it was the first wine of the season, then, unfortunately, Paulie remembered he had a dental appointment, well, shit…


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