Another Day In Paulie’s World

Diary entry: So Paulie was at a local government office for some damn reason or another, anyway, this clerk who looked like Gilligan after he had slid down a banana tree in that one episode where everyone wanted to strangle him because he lost the compass or something, geez, all these government lackeys look like either Gilligan or Mrs. Gilligan, anyway, this guy whose face looked like it had been in the same shipwreck as the USS Minnow, told Paulie he didn’t have the proper forms for whatever stupid thing he was trying to do, hell, who even cares anymore, I haven’t had a new license plate sticker for five years, the only reason my drivers license is up to date is because an old man can’t buy beer without it, it got a bit embarrassing having to get a younger person to buy my alcohol, I won’t get into my thoughts on that though, suffice it to say, the queer people have taken over the country and they got it all queered up, we will leave it at that except to say, I think we’ve been bamboozled all these years… Diary entry: This is a statement from the management here at “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary”, the previous “Diary” entry in no way reflects the opinion or belief of anyone here at the “Diary”, we recently hired on new writers to replace the ones who tore up the break room at the last Baloney, Beer and Bean Blowout, held during the last long holiday weekend, our new writers were not properly vetted because the guy who vets people was on vacation for some reason, I think he fled back to the Dominican Republic because his brother got released from jail, anyway, if any apologies are due anyone, please accept them from all of us here at the “Diary”, we are here for you, the people, we are all people, and we are all in this thing together, whether we like it or not, shalom…


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