A Rare Nickle Memory

Diary entry: Long ago there were railroad detectives, men who investigated anything having to do with the railroad, many men who rode the rails were considered tramps, hobos, well, Paulie rode the rails also, I’m Paulie, and I was a railroad detective, it was my job to investigate, this is my story, it was the late fifties, early sixties, I was with B O, on the Nickle Plate, the Nickle shone like a brand new, well, nickle; back then riders respected us detectives, they considered us friends, they understood the term “dichotomy”, they knew “Yin and Yang”, we were all “Republicans or Democrats”, whether we hailed from the “North or South”, anyway, we were all on this track together, heading to who knows where, we all knew we would be lost without the rail, so we stayed on it like it was some kind of powerful snake god that had laid it’s path out just for us, just so we had something, anything, to follow, and follow we did, yes, we followed this serpent’s trail through the very depths of hell itself, please allow Paulie to explain, the shield Paulie wore proudly on his chest shone like the Nickle at noon, Paulie’s shield was a bean can lid but it was as bright as an October moon, Paulie glowed in the night like a specter, a burning ghost of the world we thought we knew, but it was a world that didn’t know us, nor did it even care to, yes, those days spent on the Nickle were rare, rare indeed, they are some of Paulie’s most cherished memories… Diary entry: Please allow Paulie to thank readers for their patronage to “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary”, but when it’s time to close up shop, the closed sign must be hung in the window, readers, Paulie has eaten the last donut, the box is empty, Paulie’s tires are flat, his gas tank is dry, his engine seized, it is time to meet the car crusher, Paulie once soared above the clouds but is now like the eagle without feathers, a swan without plumage simply drowns, it has been a magnificent feast, but when the food is gone, the bottles are empty, and the guests have all left, it is time to close the door, Paulie is full and satisfied though, Paulie was only an idea that had life while it was brought to mind, but an idea, when forgotten, ceases to live, when the day becomes calm, the strong wind is no longer remembered, please allow Paulie to take this opportunity to bid shalom to the entire eretz, shalom, shalom to all of you whom Paulie loves, you know who you are, you are the ones who love and are loved, to the rest of you, go to hell… Diary entry: Paulie feels as the olive jar after the last olive has been removed, Paulie is empty, Paulie has been crushed to the point of depletion, Paulie’s oil is flowing out, the inner Paulie is being revealed, stay here though, as Paulie’s oil is volatile and it burns hot, Paulie may have one short moment left, yes, one more small spark that can set Paulie back on fire, yes readers, we may just burn this world down yet…


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