It’s Just The World

Diary entry: Paulie confuses his women with his martinis at times, he stirs his ladies a bit too much and they become shaken… Diary entry: Okay this is it for the last time, no more mention will be made of this “Russia thing”, people, please let this “Russia thing” go, Paulie pleads with his readers, there was no premeditated collusion on Paulie’s part, nor the little Russian girl’s part, we simply became compatriots within a diabolical world chess match, two pawns who saw our reflections in each other’s faces, two compatriots who existed for but a moment in time, we were two people from enemy nations who knew that enemies could never coexist, we tried to come together as something other than enemies, we tried but we failed, Paulie bears no hatred for the pretty little Russian girl who stole his secrets, and possibly, the secrets of Paulie’s nation… Diary entry: Readers, please try to understand, Paulie has always been a weak man, he apologizes for his many weaknesses, but the pretty little Russian girl overwhelmed Paulie to the extent that his patriotism failed, did little Paulie become Benedict Arnold, Paulie can’t say as he doesn’t know everything Benedict Arnold did, whether or not he had some cute little enemy girl in his little chateau down the railroad track by the abandoned trestle… Diary entry: Paulie may have to give up on this “Murder On The Panda Express” murder case, too much MSG and Saki have taken their toll on Paulie’s faculties, plus, Paulie has had his chop sticks broken several times, Paulie has been blown in circles by a typhoon that has no control, Paulie is dizzy, spinning around by a circular wind, going round and round, Paulie’s once magnificent ship has become a leaky inner tube with a soggy cardboard deck, the whole thing is going down, this whole thing is sinking, Paulie may be saying shalom for the last time… Diary entry: Boy, Paulie’s little groundhogs ran out of their den this morning like they were on fire, yes, Paulie is under the weather, what exactly is the temperature that can kill you anyway, the man inside the refrigerator said I should just stay cool but Paulie’s head is hot and his feet are like ice, you know, chocolate mint ice cream vomit isn’t really so bad, listen, I’ve had some bad vomit and I tell you the truth… Diary entry: Listen, if you knew you were gonna puke, wouldn’t you eat some kind of mint thing first… If I were certain I was gonna puke, I tell you, I’d never eat the squid special at Panda Express beforehand… Diary entry: Those words keep swirling in my mind, the words the young opium addicted busboy said to me that late night at Panda Express, “One single grain of rice can kill a man”, yes, those words were chilling but the words he spoke that chilled me to the very bones of my soul were “We have a form of Chinese justice”, I had never heard of this Chinese justice before and let me say simply, “I am chilled to the very bones of my soul”… Diary entry: Oh no, I just took the stupid cat’s anus pills, they look like aspirin, should I make myself puke… Diary entry: Paulie awoke, he came to, two cold gray iron eyes peered through torn curtain eyelids, Paulie immediately froze, it was Mr. Kim, yes, it was Kim and Kim was angry, the sea had eaten his boat like a stale fortune cookie and it would be me to pay the tab, the cookie sank to the bottom but the fortune didn’t, the fortune would be mine and it didn’t look good, oh damn, damn the thing that ever brought us together, oh damn Mr. Kim, damn his deals, damn his money, damn his power, oh just damn it all anyway…


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