It’s A Journey

Diary entry: Now Paulie has been driving down the road, Paulie is well below the speed limit, not out there taking irresponsible chances, no passing on the double yellow line or anything, but the gauge to the right of Paulie’s speedometer is going haywire, yes, the “freaky gauge” is spinning, spinning like Uncle Topp’s old stories about his time spent as a special agent within the inner circle of the Cuban resistance movement, Paulie’s “freaky gauge” looks like it is about to take off towards a place Paulie doesn’t want to see, some distant thing that has existed in other dimensions, truth, the raw, gritty, ugly truth of the matter, the central core of this corrupt, twisted, diseased bowel of a world, a world in which the putrefying and diseased bowels rule the mind, Paulie vows on this day. “I will think my way out of this thing”, so hey everybody, if Paulie comes up with anything, he will return here to clue you all in, if there is any shred of sanity left in this world, please send a bit of it this way, we love you all, shalom… Diary entry: Please allow Paulie to address this ongoing “Russia thing” once and for all, Paulie has already apologized to all the people involved, Paulie’s nation, the little Russian girl, Paulie’s mother, Paulie says he is sorry for the last time, Paulie will be eternally remorseful over losing his secrets, and presumably, Paulie’s nation’s secrets to the pretty little Ukrainian girl he once knew… Diary entry: And they say only priests and politicians have problems- this is one for the church and state people out there… Diary entry: Late night, Panda Express, noodles, egg rolls, and Saki, lots of Saki, I had much thinking to do, the woman had been dining alone this evening, the one with the burning lantern eyes and the dress, yes, she had returned for some reason, she was in a heated argument with a small man whose face was contorted, like it was swirling down a drain or something, it was like some swirling vortex of anger that flew in every direction, hitting you like where you didn’t like being hit, I had seen this man before, I felt as though I had encountered this very thing, long ago, in some distant place, perhaps a past life, was I doomed to repeat it… Diary entry: Now Paulie asks nothing of no one, ask nothing of Paulie, ask nothing of the wind, the wind asks nothing of you… Diary entry: Okay, Paulie is sick and tired of continually having to reiterate what has already been said many times, Paulie asks that people let this “Russia thing” go, Paulie has been through this thing over and over yet people still ask Paulie about the specifics, especially about the exact nature of the secrets Paulie revealed to the cute little Russian girl, Paulie will restate for the last time, there were confidential goings on and all Paulie can reveal is that it may be an issue of security, Paulie’s security, and presumably, the security of Paulie’s nation… Diary entry: Paulie has received comments from some of the survivalists out there and he appreciates the responses, but to a few of you, Paulie says “If you can’t gut a squirrel with your fingers, then take the alternate trail”… Diary entry: Back at Panda Express, late night, almost closing time, “Murder On The Panda Express” was about to get real, the ride was about to get bumpy, the rickshaw was gonna sway, tip, maybe overturn in the middle of this dank, stinking night within the twisted bowels of a putrid filth bucket of a city, yes, it was getting real and Paulie was in the middle of it, Paulie is a beautiful flower, Paulie blooms as the rose in the midst of a giant shit pile, yes, Paulie reaches a height unknown to the putrid filth of degenerate animals who think they can murder and get away with it, Paulie vows on this day that you, murderer, you will face your own murderous face, and that face will be Paulie’s…


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