Big Mistake

Diary entry: Okay, we all make mistakes right, Paulie woke up this morning on the bathroom floor, he thought he was drinking from the cat’s bowl but he was wrong… Diary entry: This “Russia thing” doesn’t seem to be going away, Paulie returns to this subject only in order that he may apologize to all Americans, yes, Paulie had found himself weakened by a young, dark haired, Ukrainian girl, Paulie, the quintessential, patriotic American, found himself in the arms of the enemy, little Paulie may have been in the arms of a deadly spy, a deadly spy who only wanted to steal little Paulie’s secrets, and presumably, the secrets of little Paulie’s nation, Paulie is remorseful and penitent, and, again, Paulie asks that you don’t hate him, Paulie has always been weak, and he only wishes to become stronger, please allow Paulie to grow… Diary entry: “Murder On The Panda Express” has taken a detour, Paulie may be closing down the case as he has narrowed down the suspects, yes, Paulie is closing in on one particular suspect, a soft spoken, dark haired lady whose eyes are like sail boats, no, catamarans, catamarans on a glistening sea as they sail into a blazing orange red sunset that descends upon the waters like nothing you’ve ever known, yes, Paulie has found his culprit and he is putting his motorboat on high, stay here with the “Diary” as Paulie is closing in and he will not falter… Diary entry: We were lost, we were far lost, somewhere far to the south, we rode our weary pinto bean horses far past Lima, Peru, into the old town of Garbanzo, a veritable soup of the dregs of humanity, a cold gazpacho of hatred and loathing, about to be served up on unsuspecting Goobers from the north, Goobers who couldn’t tell a peanut from an apricot, hell hath no fury like a steaming pot of stew beans about to boil over, this was the kind of situation where you either scoot your chair to the table and eat, or you die… Diary entry: Paulie still sometimes thinks of his little Russian girl, yes, she did compromise Paulie severely, she stole little Paulie’s secrets, but Paulie still thinks of her… Diary entry: Oh people, Paulie dearly wants to get back to his regular “Diary” entries but this “Russia thing” drags on, the little Russian girl Paulie once knew, Paulie has admitted that she stole some of little Paulie’s secrets, and also, presumably, secrets of little Paulie’s nation, simultaneously, but Paulie has not disclosed the fact that indeed, Paulie obtained secrets in that year, the year when secrets were exchanged between East and West, Paulie did obtain secrets in exchange for losing his, but Paulie cannot ever, no, never, reveal the secrets he received that year, so long ago, so seemingly far away, no, Paulie apologizes to all those whom he has hurt, friends, acquaintances, his nation, Paulie will never reveal the nature of the secrets he received from a young, pretty, dark haired Russian girl, we were simply two young people lost in a very cold world during the Cold War, our only desire was to thaw the world a bit, if only for a moment…


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