Diary entry: Please accept Paulie’s fake apologies, Paulie apologizes to all you freakin’ retards, yes, Paulie only tried to open your silly putty, silly ass minds, you refused, Paulie now refuses you, Paulie says to the fake patriots who vote for our masters who enslave us, Paulie says “Fuck you and your stupid mother too”, Paulie says to the religious retards who believe that they have the ear of the very Creator of the heavens and the earth in their pocket, you deluded bastards who actually believe you can call down fire from heaven, you praying fools, who the hell do you think you are, that the Creator of everything is gonna put everything aside and listen to your sorry whinin’ ass, you are not simply retarded pig rectums, you are insane, yes, you all are the insane fecal material of the deviant worms and maggots that conceived you, yes, you were born of swine, but you were conceived by maggots… Diary entry: ALERT! ALERT! RED BUTTON ALERT! Profuse apologies for recent “Diary” entries, it seems “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary” has been hacked, yes, our system has been compromised, unscrupulous individuals have somehow gained access to our server files, our hard drives, and our usual lunch menu, the vodka is not all for me, anyway, all the staff has been summoned in, many were on vacation as usual, but the thing is, we are all here at our posts within “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary”, we are at our consoles delving in to this latest crisis, please rest assured, these latest hackers will be rooted out and dealt with, the reputation of “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary” is at stake, none of us will ever rest again until all those responsible are brought to justice, this is the CEO of “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary”, Paulie, saying “I don’t know how this happened”… Diary entry: Hey, how’s it goin’, Paulie here, oh God I need a drink, hang on a moment while I go root around in the root cellar and the liquor cabinet, I’ll be right back… Okay, on a serious note that seems to have the need to be briefly addressed, please allow Paulie to respond to this whole “Russia thing”, alright, first of all, she wasn’t Russian, she was from Ukraine, Paulie only knew her for a few short weeks, anything she says, Paulie will deny, Paulie denies this whole “Russia thing”, in all truthful honesty and good conscience, Paulie says “I have no knowledge of these baseless accusations”, this has been Paulie’s last word on the subject, let’s all try to move on, Paulie denies this whole “Russia” business, thank you… Diary entry: Okay, it seems this whole “Russia thing” isn’t going to go away, please allow Paulie to say, number one, that Paulie conveys his most deepest apologies to all, all who were so unfortunately dragged in to this whole fiasco, Paulie takes full responsibility for all the people involved, their intent, and their actions, this whole scandal must rest in the place in which it was conceived, it was conceived in Paulie’s lap, and there is where it must rest, Paulie simply became entangled with a pretty, dark haired, soft voiced Ukrainian girl, you must try to understand, it was years ago, during a very cold period, it was in the midst of the Cold War, cold war between our countries, cold passion between us, the forces of the West and of the East tried to come together, if but for a brief moment, yes, on those nights we spent together, there was world peace, detente, yes, on those nights so long ago, we had conquered the world, yes, we owned the entire world, on those nights spent in our little chateau, down the railroad track, by the abandoned trestle…


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